Welcome to Alex's Lego Gallery

Over the years Alex has collected and built many Lego sets. Below is a sample of the creations that Alex has put together. Make sure to come back because as long as he keeps building them, we will continue to display them! He is a MASTER builder.

Bi-Plane Helecopter Twinblade Adventures
Mining Town Bulldozer Excavator

Seaplane Police Heavy-Lift Helecopter 4x4 Crawler

Flat Bed Tractor Trailer with a Backhoe Fortress on Trax

Jigsaw Challenge

Mouse- and Keyboard-driven handling:

Click & Drag
Rotate clockwise in steps of 90°:
Flip along X-axis:
DoubleClick & [alt] Key or Right Mouse Button
Flip along Y-axis:
DoubleClick & [shift] Key or Middle Mouse Button

Keyboard-driven handling:
(if focused through mouse over image)

Press [escape]
Press [delete] or [backspace]
Solve (animated):
Press [return] or [enter]

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