“On the most part this artwork is not displayed anywhere else”

Digital Art

The digital artwork in this gallery is comprised of my original artwork. On the most part this artwork is not displayed anywhere else. My original artwork that is displayed elsewhere will be labeled as to where my artwork can be found. At this moment in time, all artwork is exclusive to this page. All images have been reduced in size for the sake of page load times. Full size image files can be made available for download.

Design Application Possibilities

Mesh silhouette of female
Mesh silhouette of male upperbody to mid-thigh
Mesh silhouette of gothic bride
Mesh silhouette of male

Mesh Background On Deck Of Playing Cards
Muscle Tee Shirt With A Mesh Design Image
Mesh Design On Portfolio Folder
Greetings Card With Mesh Design


Click or tap on a thumbnail image to view image in a slideshow gallery. Click the start button in the lower right corner in the slideshow panel to automatically scroll through the gallery and click or tap the pause button for extended viewing. Or you can manually click or tap your way through the gallery by using the next or previous buttons on either side of an image. Click the X in the top right corner of the gallery or anywhere around the image to exit the gallery and return to the page. The Esc button on your keyboard will do the trick too.

Layered Perforated Steel Mesh design
Layered Perforated Steel Mesh design On Tee Shirt
Layered Perforated Steel Mesh design on Tissue Box

This page contains only a small portion of artwork and designs. When I have more time, I will make available more finished works. I will also add my Photoshop .PSD files and my Illustrator .AI files. This way, for those who are interested in working with my designs can manipulate the layers and come up with original designs of their own. I will also add my patterns and brushes. If there is something specific that you're interested in then drop me a line.